4 Course Bass Cittern
Made by Peter Forrester (2010)

A wonderful instrument with a strong beautiful sound,
great ensemble instrument, but also suitable for Solos.
Perfect condition.

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 String Length:
a/a g/g c'/c'/c d'/d'/d
incl. Fitted Kingham Case
4000€ excluding delivery

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Minkoff Lute Facsimile Editions

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165 Euro + P&P

BOSSINENSIS, Franciscus, 15-16th c.
Tenori e contrabassi intabulati col sopran in canto figurato per cantar e sonar col lauto. Libro primo.
Geneva, 1977. Oblong, 22 x 15 cm, 112 pp. Line-cut of the Petrucci, 1509 edition. Italian lute tablature and mensural notation. One of the earliest sources of Italian lute music. Nos. 1-70 for solo voice (in mensural notation) and lute; nos. 71-96 for solo lute.
45 Euro + P&P

SOLD BOSSINENSIS, Franciscus, 15-16th c.
40 Euro + P&P

GORZANIS, Giacomo, c.1525-c.1575
Intabolatura di liuto. Novamente da lui composto et per Antonio Gardano stampato et dato in luce. Libro primo [-tertio]. Index.
Geneva, 1982. Oblong, 8°, 224 pp. Line-cut of the Gardano editions, Venice, 1561, 1563, & 1564. Repertoire of Italian dances and 10 ricercari in Italian lute tablature.        
65 Euro + P&P

SOLD PHALÈSE, Pierre, c.1510-1574 [publisher]          
75 euros + P&P

PHALÈSE, Pierre, c.1510-1574 [publisher] 
Luculentum theatrum musicum, in quo (demptis vetustate tritis cantionibus) selectissima optimorum quorumlibet autorum, ac excellentissimorum artificum tum veterum, tum praecipuè recentiorum carmina . . . Postremo habes et eius generis carmina . . . ut sunt passomezo, gailliardes, branles, etc. Introduction d’Henri Vanhulst.
Geneva, 1983. 4º, 200 pp. Line-cut of the Louvain, 1568 edition. One of the most important anthologies in French lute tablature from the second half of the 16th century, containing fantasias by Gintzler, Borrono, & Rotta. Narvaez transcriptions of chansons (from Sermissy to Lasso) and dances, as well as 9 pieces for 2 lutes.
160 euros + P&P
SOLD PHALÈSE, Pierre, c.1510-1574 [publisher]   
35 euros  + P&P

SOLD ROTTA, Antonio, c.1495-1549
35 euros + P&P

SPINACINO, Francesco, b.?-c.1507
Intabolatura de lauto. Libro primo (-secondo). Introduction de François Lesure.
Geneva, 2/ 1992. Oblong, 22 x 15 cm, ii, 236 pp. Line-cut of the Petrucci editions, both issued in Venice, 1507, in Italian lute tablature. Considered the first printed lute tablature. 81 works, 75 for solo lute, and 6 for two lutes. Introduction by François Lesure.
65 euros + P&P

PACOLONI, Giovanni, 16th c.
Tribus testudinibus ludenda carmina. Introduction d’Henri Vanhulst. Index. [Zentralbibliothek, Zürich].
Geneva, 1981. Oblong, 22 x 15 cm, 272 pp. Line-cut of the Phalèse edition, Louvain, 1564. One of the rare examples of a repertoire for 3 lutes (published in three separate partbooks: superius, tenor & bassus). Passamezi, padoane, saltarelli, & galiarde, in French tablature. Wrappers
140  euros + P&P
PIFARO, Marcantonio del, 16th c.
[Intabulations, lute, book 1] Intabolatura de lauto de ogni sorte de balli novamente stampati et posti in luce. Libro primo.
Geneva, 1981. Oblong, 8º, 48 pp. Line-cut of the Gardano edition, Venice, 1546. Italian lute tablature. 14 dances, each accompanied by a saltarello.
35 euros + P&P

35 euros + P&P

DALZA, Joan Ambrosio, fl.1500-1510
Intabulatura de lauto. Libro quarto. [Bibl. Nationale, Paris].
Geneva, 2/ 1999. Oblong, 22 x 15 cm, 112 pp. Line-cut of the Petrucci edition, Venice, 1508. One of the first Italian tablatures containing dances “alla venetiana” and “alla ferrarese”, ricercari and a few transcriptions for vocal pieces. The original was printed from type by double impressions.
45 euros + P&P

BIANCHINI (Rossetto), Dominico, c.1510-c.1576
Intabolatura de lauto.
Geneva, 1983. Oblong, 21 x 15 cm, 48 pp. Line-cut of the Antonio Gardano edition, Venice, 1554, in Italian tablature (contents identical with 1546 edition).
30 euros + P&P

William F. Prizer
Courtly Pastimes, The Frottole of Marchetto Cara.

A 607 page dissertation on the Frottole of Marchetto Cara with an appendix containing transcriptions of all his music not available in modern editions.
100 Euros + P&P

William Dauney
Ancient Scotish melodies : from a manuscript of the reign of
King James VI : with an introductory enquiry illustrative of
the history of the music of Scotland (1838)

This is a First Edition copy of a very rare book on 17th century Scottish Music with a 1901 inscription on the end-paper to the author's great-niece.  it contains a complete transcription of the Skene Mandora Manuscript, an important source of traditional Scottish tunes. 390pp.
250 Euros + P&P

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